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Subject: Roadmap for the Promotion of the Local Economy in Madeira Islands.

This Roadmap in an initiative to present OmniArtisan and, in the same time, promote AGROBIO – Associação
Portuguesa de Agricultura Biológica , as well as to inform about the existing incentives for local entrepreneurship in the Region.
We live in an Age of Globalisation and most of the population, mostly from the developed countries, have been largely uneducated in terms of local dynamism and resilience. There is a huge global trade exchange, which is seen as synonymous with progress, but actually weakens local economies. The dynamic export/import does not make sense for a large quantity of traded products. There are cases in which, with the existence of the free market and in such an uncontrolled way, products are imported that nullify out with the same quantity that is produced locally and exported. Such dynamics make no sense given the growing pressure on natural resources, especially fossil fuels.
In view of this reality comes OmniArtisan , a project that aims to promote the production of local, organic and artisan goods , in order to boost the local and circular economy in the Region. Once we are islanders, we are more
unprotected in the event of a natural, energetic, economic or social collapse and it is vital that we become as
self-reliant as possible.
And in this process of becoming more resilient, by boosting the local economy, we generate value that circulates in the Region. The opposite of what happens now, as we depend almost exclusively on large supermarkets, with
imported products and money leaves our regional circuit. By reversing this dynamic and strengthening our market we generate more opportunities for work and income.
In order to achieve more production of local, organic and artisanal goods, a continuous market study is needed to ascertain the demand and the need for local supply and to provide this information to interested parties, in particular agricultural producers and artisans. This will be the first focus and work of OmniArtisan – to develop Market Studies in Madeira Islands. And the first market study passes through the project to be presented to the population of Madeira,
Porto Santo, immigrant and expat communities and, through an inquiry, validate the interest in it.


– Contextualization: Local Economic Development – What’s it about?
– Presentation of the OmniArtisan Project by its promoter, Elisabete Andrade
– Agrobio’s promotion by the respective president, Eng. Jaime Ferreira
– Clarification Session on existing incentives for Local Entrepreneurship

– Monday, 4th February
Ponta do Sol, 10am – 12pm, Auditório do Centro Cultural John dos Passos
Calheta, 3pm – 5:30pm, Casa do Povo da Calheta

– Tuesday, 5th February
São Vicente, 10am – 12pm, Salão Nobre da Câmara Municipal de São Vicente
Porto Moniz, 3pm – 5:30pm, Casa do Povo de Porto Moniz

– Wednesday, 6th February
Ribeira Brava, 10am – 12pm, Casa do Povo de Campanário
Câmara de Lobos, 3pm – 5:30pm, Casa do Povo do Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

– Thursday, 7th February
Funchal, 10am – 12pm, Auditório da Apel
Santa Cruz, 3pm – 5:30pm, Casa do Povo da Camacha

– Friday, 8th February
Machico, 10am – 12pm, Junta de Freguesia de Machico
Santana, 3pm – 5:30pm, Associação Humanitária de Bombeiros Voluntários de Santana

– Monday, 11th February
Porto Santo, 2pm – 4:30pm, Pavilhão Multiusos

OmniArtisan has a Facebook Page, to which you can access via username @OmniArtisan and there you have access to the application forms for the Roadmap, by Municipality, in the Events section.

For the ones that aren’t confident yet with Portuguese, and would like to have a separate session held in English,
please answer this form: goo.gl/B5yiJt .
Ponta do Sol, 31st January 2019
For more information contact:
Elisabete Andrade: 962849257 | [email protected]