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More news on the 4 Romanians arrested in Funchal. Definitely people we don’t want on the island… 

They travel through Europe on return flights and use the ‘Booking’ to rent apartments on last minute offers and for periods of a week. So it was in Malaga and now also in Madeira, the last two tourist destinations through which the four young Romanians suspected of belonging to a criminal organisation passed. Three of them were detained at Lisbon airport after they had escaped from the island where they had been wanted by the PSP for theft and robbery.

Alin, 28, Ferariu, 31, Azulufei, 26, and Stoica, 30, took a flight from Spain to Madeira without a return date.They arrived in the region on the morning of Monday, February 11, just two days after they rented an apartment in Caniço, using the online booking portal ‘Booking’.

They rented the house for a week, but left the day before.