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A cold frontal surface approaches Madeira.

According to the blog “meteomadeira.blogspot.com” in some locations in the West Zone, there are already some rainy periods that should extend throughout the Region and prolong the next few hours with a drop in temperature.
According to the same source, between 17h and 18h ​​today have been recorded a total precipitation: Ponta do Pargo 7.7mm; Achadas of the Cross 6,5mm and Porto Moniz 1,1mm.
See here the evolution of time.
For this night and Friday night, expect rainy or showers, which may be accompanied by thunderstorms and hail until the early hours of the morning.
For the morning and afternoon of this Friday there will be still showers being more probable in the northern slopes and mountainous areas. 
https: // meteomadeira.blogspot.com/ 2019/02 14fev2019-superficie -fronta l-fria.html
The wind totally stopped this this evening letting some flights land, and some air passengers have also reached the island by the Lobo Marinho ferry this evening.