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Can I firstly say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed me photos, tagged me in posts and videos and sent messages. I read and see everything you do for me. Sometimes it is a little hard to keep up with everything when I am working all day, but I just want you to know how much I appreciate it all.

Madeira is on Yellow Alert for strong seas till tomorrow morning. Below is a video taken in Paul do Mar.

The intensity of the waves is very visible, as is the concern of the residents.

Besides the amount of water that covers the street, there is also a car with difficulties in transit.


Praia Formosa also suffered with the sea entering one of the restaurants on the front. Praia Formosa has been closed completely and the Camara asks everyone to respect this closure, there is no access to the beach at all till at least tomorrow morning. Calheta and Porto Moniz are two other places I know that have restricted access.

One of the restaurants that are on the Praia Formosa promenade was today invaded by the waves.

Clients who were inside the establishment or on the esplanade fled before the unexpected entrance of water and sand.

No reports of damage are known, but in the face of the situation the restaurant ended up closing doors and starting a cleaning operation.

At the moment the yellow warning has been extended till 6pm Monday.

Photos below from Porto Moniz by RTP Madeira.

It was in Porto Moniz where a total of 6-8 people were hit by a wave and injured including one child. They suffered grazes and bruising, and 3 were taken to the local health centre.