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We certainly have been spoilt with the weather over the last few days, a taste of summer has really hit the island.

The hot spot today was São Vicente hitting 24.8 degrees recorded at 4 pm, but the breeze on the east and mountain zones kept the temperature back a little.

This is all about to change though, tomorrow the island is on Yellow alert for wind, with gusts hitting 100km in the mountain regions, its not clear if this wind will affect the airport, but I would advise anyone travelling tomorrow to be prepared and have anything you need with you in case of a delay or diverted flight.

The island should have another warm sunny day tomorrow (Thursday), but by the evening we could see rain. Friday the temperature is going to drop by about 4-6 degrees, with the possibility of rain, and even snow over the peaks.

The yellow alert will come into affect tomorrow morning at 6am and will run through till midnight on the 15th February, at the moment this is only for the mountainous zones.

Any weather updates or airport problems I will let you know during the day tomorrow.