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The management of PPM-Madeira was this week at the Cruise Port of Funchal and what it saw there is, at least, worrisome.

According to a press release, during the visit, the various conditions of lack of safety that showed the result of a lack of proper maintenance were found and documented with photographs and video, thus putting in danger not only all those arriving on the ships , but also the inhabitants of the island, including the staff themselves.

This visit of the PPM Madeira came about to ascertain the conditions of our Port after the recent news in which a cruise ship literally took off a bollard.

The PPM Madeira considers as relevant points:

Point 1: holes in metal covers on the floor corroded by rust,

Point 2: insulation tape used at the junction of the electrical cables that power the fort’s floodlights,

Point 3: lack of grilles on the false ceiling that apparently have been detached from it,

Point 4: lack of public bathrooms what motivates smell of urine in some points,

Point 5: an electrical extension possibly under load in the metal wrap wrapped in plastic,

Point 6: Fixed sealing sections with plastic clamps,

Point 7: rusty passenger exit sleeve serving as an anchor for a ramp,

Point 8: Well visible cracks with the diameter of one arm of an adult man, crossing the pontoons width.

One of the most important cruise ports in Europe and one of the most expensive in the world, the PPM Madeira does not understand its state of degradation.

“We know that works for this infrastructure have already been announced, but advertising is not enough, because wear and corrosion do not wait. The PPM Madeira knows that there are cruise companies to “escape” from Madeira, preferring our Azorean neighbours, who are in frank expansion in this type of tourism “, reveals.

Paulo Brito, regional vice president of PPM Madeira, hopes that interventions will be made as urgently as possible to prevent bad news from arising as a result of this lack of maintenance.

Taken from Funchal News