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Rescue teams have already been able to rescue the woman who crashed in her car Monday in the Prainha area of ​​Caniçal on the road that links Quinta do Lorde to Ponta de São Lourenço.

The images transmitted by RTP Madeira show that the teams collect the woman, who will be around 40 years old, transported on a stretcher that the Municipal Firefighters of Machico made descend to the ravine – difficult to reach, about 60 meters from the road – through a crane. The elements mounted a self-ladder and by means of the abseiling technique they lowered the necessary materials for access to the vehicle, to recover the victim. 

Already during the afternoon, the woman did not appear to have vital signs.

In addition to the BMM, a SANAS vessel is in place, should it be necessary to rescue the victim through the sea.