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The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere issued a yellow warning for the north coast of Madeira and Porto Santo due to the maritime agitation to take effect from 6am tomorrow and until 6pm the same day. Northwest waves are expected from 4 to 4.5 meters high.

Today the waves in the North coast are also of the Northwest but they do not go beyond the 2.5 to 3.5 meters, being of Southwest with 2 to 3 meters in the South coast.

As for the weather, expect this Friday again a day of many clouds, being high starting in the afternoon. The wind will be moderate to strong (30 to 40 km / h) from the South quadrant, becoming weak to moderate (10 to 30 km / h) from the early afternoon, blowing strong (40 to 50 km / h) and sometimes with gusts up to 80 km / h in the highlands until the end of the day. In Funchal the forecasts are identical, but the wind will be weak to moderate, becoming weak. A slight rise in temperature is expected.

In Funchal and Ponta do Sol the values ​​reach 23ºC, being 17ºC and 18ºC respectively the minimum temperature. Câmara de Lobos will have a maximum of 24ºC and a minimum of 16ºC. Machico is today with values ​​between 16ºC and 21ºC; Caniçal and Santa Cruz are today with values ​​between 17ºC and 22ºC. Ponta do Pargo will have a minimum of 14ºC and a maximum of 20ºC; Santana of 14ºC and 21ºC, São Vicente of 14ºC and 23ºC and Porto Moniz of 14ºC and 24ºC. Porto Santo presents today with a maximum of 21ºC and a minimum of 16ºC.

Taken from DN