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Nine baby dogs were abandoned today inside a wooden chest, behind the International Airport of Madeira in Santa Cruz. The animals were collected by the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz and are now in Vet Santa Cruz in observation.

The local authority told the Diario Noticias that the dogs are well and that they are ready to be adopted by a responsible family. He also said that in recent weeks several animals have been left to abandon this county, lamenting this situation.

“There are still people who are aware of these cases and who adopt dogs, but the level of abandonment is much higher than the level of adoption,” he explained.

Santa Cruz City Council recalled that the municipality offers the first vaccines, sterilization and the placement of the chip to the abandoned dogs but said that the Animal Collection Center “is crowded,” without the capacity to accommodate more animals.

However, revealed that soon this center will be increased and that more kennels will be built.

From Diario Noticias