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Atlanticulture Beach, that is what we call the “starting point” for the new hotel project (Atlanticulture Hotel) that will be “born” in the building of the Forum Machico, opens to the public Friday. A restaurant space with terrace and a concept that wants to leave marks for the difference.

The global investment includes a hotel with 130 rooms and a strategy different from those that exist in the Madeiran market, pretending to be the first Hotel Cultural do Atlântico, as the FN has already released recently. This Atlanticulture Beach, which is preparing to open, is a first step of this project which occupies the lower floor of the Forum, facing the beach.  It is a concept that intends to take advantage of the proximity to the sea, conciliating different environments during the day and at night.

The concept, says the investor group, provides this space with a new centrality in Machico, involving a catering service, with an indoor area and terrace, where a solarium area and a stage prepared for the musical initiatives of the weekends of summer, which the group intends to carry out as an integral part of the strategic concept, including, also, a booth for Dj.

The cuisine menu and the drinks menu offer what is meant to be seen as “Atlantic gastronomy”. This concern is so relevant that investors have hired what is considered “Cristiano Ronaldo’s professional management of restoration,” which is in Madeira precisely preparing the opening of that space. Kiko Fonseca brings, in the curriculum, some of the best spaces in Lisbon, such as “100 Maneiras” and “Bica do Sapato”. Not only, but also Hotel Le Consulat, spaces in the Campo de Ourique Market, “Villa Beach”, Chef Olivier, Market Kiosk, Jardim da Estrela, Gin Club and Blues Café.

Regarding the overall project, in an investment of 10 million euros, bringing the Lux Hotels Group into the Region, which has seven concept hotels active in Continental Portugal and which has already acquired a stake in the capital stock of Atlanticulture Tourism, it should be remembered that the hotel unit of 130 rooms, residences for artists on stay (with a loft with capacity up to 15 people), Academy of Arts (formations in different cultural areas), multimedia room, small auditorium for formations, repositioning of the new library, with more current logistic conditions and generating direct synergies with the other areas created.

The Forum will keep all the cultural areas active and the dynamics with the operators and current contents of the Spaces of Forum Machico, will remain intact, that is to the “service of the community”.

In addition to the Hotel and the Atlanticulture Center, the investor group intends to position itself as a Hotel for Shows or Congresses, “totally turned into a cultural and business hotel, one of its main anchors being a multipurpose space that can host congresses or music shows, concerts, art exhibitions and themed fairs. This space will include a studio where musicians and artists from various countries can make recordings, as well as a dance space and an art gallery, “so that all artists can make their artistic productions here and choose this platform as their second home “, plus a Radio studio, a Television studio, a travel agency and cultural experiences and a Merchandising Shop.

The Hotel assumes itself as “totally digital and SO-ME-MO (Social Media Mobile), offering free internet, with a swimming pool on the top terrace of the hotel (geared towards cultural content in summer), a deck for relaxation and a view on the bay of Machico with direct access to the beach,

right in front of the hotel. The Rooftop Bar and the Lounge complete the offer of the hotel unit. Inspired by all the geographic cultures where the Portuguese have passed, through the requalification and construction of the hotel chain, making use of infrastructures of the Machico Forum. The “Atlanticulture Hotel” intends to be born in Madeira taking advantage of all the work already developed by Atlanticulture in terms of cultural platform ”

Translated from Funchal News