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They are going around the world on a catamaran and today, at 6:00 pm, they perform at the Barreirinha Bar Café, in Largo do Socorro. The ‘Honky Tonk Sail’ project blends the jazz genres with blues through its two resident artists, plus other musicians who are traveling on the vessel that crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the spring of 2018.

They have already played in festivals and concerts in the Azores, Ireland, Belgium and France, passing through Spain, mainland Portugal and the Canaries, and this was the last stop before arriving in the Region. Last weekend, in a duo format, the Honky Tonk Sail performed at Maktub Guest House in Jardim do Mar, and also at Maktub, in Paul do Mar.

“Honky Tonk is an open project that hosts several international musicians who are always changing.Different people come and go to the band that evolves between three and eight musicians, always playing hot jazz. The catamaran houses two permanent residents: Bots, captain and musician, and Soizic Séon, graphic designer and organizer of cultural and maritime projects “, can be read in the description of this musical project.

Translated from Diario Noticias