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Part of the ceiling of the Jardim do Mar Health Center collapsed yesterday, Tuesday, in a room that has since been closed, which resulted in repercussions on the physical structure.

“This problem had already been identified and was already included in an intervention plan by SREI (Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructures), with works already scheduled for April,” the Health Service of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (SESARAM), in a press release.

Faced with what happened, this Wednesday “the security measures were taken and the Jardim do Mar Health Center was closed”. Because of this situation, SESARAM informs the registered population that the medical consultations go to the Estreito da Calheta  Health Center.

“He further informs that users of the Jardim do Mar Health Center can choose to perform the nursing treatments at the Health Center of the neighboring parish, in Paul do Mar, and / or at the Calheta Health Center”, adds the SESARAM.