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55 flights (arrivals and departures) were canceled yesterday Madeira Airport.

After the troubled day at the airport yesterday, and given the improvement in weather conditions , the airport operation is being regularised, with all flights scheduled to land in Madeira this morning.

More than 8,000 passengers will have been affected yesterday, without counting those affected by the large delays on the few flights made, so that there are still traces of chaos installed in the airport departure terminal.

The wind above the operational limits at Madeira International Airport provoked, on Tuesday, the cancellation of 55 of the 75 flights scheduled to and from Madeira, in addition to dozens of diverted aircraft, some more than once.

According to ANA’s page, of the air movement scheduled for yesterday’s day, 28 arrivals and 27 departures were canceled, with 9 landings and 11 take-offs.

Only four domestic flights between Madeira and Mainland (1 arrival and 3 departures) were carried out, and no flights from Lisbon, from the 10 planned, landed in Santa Cruz yesterday. The only connection between regular flights with the Continent to land in Madeira was the morning flight from Porto, which after having been diverted to Porto Santo, managed to complete the trip by taking advantage of one of the rare ‘windows of opportunity’ given by the wind blowing at an average of 44.6 km / h, having reached 82 km / h in the most extreme maximum gust recorded near the control tower.

The large Airbus 320 landed just before 8am this morning from Porto to help with the back log of passengers coming and going from the island.