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The tariff reduction in public transport in Madeira is now in force, with users paying between 30 and 40 euros a month, depending on whether the trips are made in or out of their municipality.

According to the regional executive vice president, Pedro Calado, the tariff reduction program will allow families to save up to two regional minimum wages, or 1,300 euros per year, depending on the connections they make.

The measure concerns the entire island of Madeira due to the joining of five regional bus operators (four private and one public): SAM – Madeira Automobile Company, Rodoeste, Caniço Automobile Company, Companhia de Carros de São Gonçalo and the Horários do Funchal (public).

This measure, already established in the Regional Budget for this year, will cost the Madeira Government eight million euros per year through compensatory compensation to the five operators in the region.

There are also several stages with repercussions at the level of children (free until 12 years), pensioners and retirees (with pensions less than 240 euros the pass is also free), students up to 18 years and university students up to 23 years.

“It is the culmination of the social and political effort we have been making over the last few years and the fulfillment of another promise,” said the vice president of the Regional Government, in the presentation of the tariff, on Wednesday.