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The cocaine seized by PJ on Sunday to 12 suspected individuals was wrapped in potato chips and concealed inside bowls that were carried in backpacks and sacks on the MSC Opera to Funchal from the Caribbean. See video below.

It is recalled that the Judicial Police detained 12 people, some of whom were passengers who traveled to Funchal aboard the MSC Opera, in possession of approximately 200,000 individual doses of cocaine.

Being a narcotic with a high degree of purity, the 200,000 doses of cocaine weigh in at around 15 to 20 kilos of narcotic, confirmed the PJ. This drug would later be distributed by ‘mules’ and taken by air to various parts of Europe.

Besides the drug, the PJ also seized cell phones and money, Several notes from the European Central Bank and also British pounds.

The Department of Criminal Investigation of Funchal, with the support of the Public Security Police of the Regional Command of Madeira, yesterday triggered Operation Poseidon, in the context of combating international narcotics trafficking, PJ said in a press release.

Twelve persons, 6 men and 6 women of various nationalities and ages between 20 and 52 years were identified and detained.