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The Shambles of this Government and probably the only Island in Europe without a Ferry Connection.

Only in June will know the dates and prices of travel of the ferry this summer, says the Regional Government.

But was this not a commitment made for three years?

Is not ENM, under the contract signed obliged to provide the service, or is this obligation pending a specific condition?

The Regional Government will enforce the contract, trigger indemnification clauses in the event of non-compliance or is not provided for penalties, in this case?

“In the public tender, was there not a guarantee of availability of the vessel to provide the service, as it was not possible to carry out the award without guarantees ability to perform the contract? ”

These questions were left today by the leader of the Left Bloc, Paulino Ascenção, in a note sent to the newsrooms, where he said he did not understand this uncertainty of the Regional Government that “it is not acting in good faith, nor is it seeking to defend the public interest. The government claims that it is difficult to charter a ship for only three months and then in the high season, but this factor is not new, it was well known for a long time, knowing this difficulty, nor should have advanced with the tender in these conditions.

For the leader of the BE “this is not even a test is a mockery! The Regional Government, in partnership with the Sousa group, are a shoe-maker of Madeiran people. And the PS that wants to be alternative, helps the farce with manoeuvres of fun – how to present the port of Lisbon as the destination of the ferry connection, in alternative to Portimão, when we do not even know if there will be a ferry. Its announced coalition with civil society we do not know what that is, but a partner is well known, the monopoly group itself where the coordinator of the chapter on the economy of the PS electoral program was recruited.

Translated from Funchal News