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Researchers working in the area of ​​aquaculture say the Dourada (Golden Bream or Sea Bream) has the quality to be sold as a ‘Madeira brand’, with the regional product label.

Researcher Natacha Nogueira, from the Calheta Mariculture Center and also from the ARDITI research unit, explains that the researchers are working on demonstrating the unique characteristics of Madeiran Dourada.

Natacha Nogueira was one of the speakers at EcoZarco – Literacia do Mar & Seguridad, which took place this morning at the Gonçalves Zarco School.

Madeira currently has three operational aquaculture zones, namely in Calheta, Campanário and Caniçal.

Natacha Nogueira speaks of a steady growth in a region that is already the largest producer of Dourada cage in the country.

In keeping with the same number of investors, with requests for expansion of existing cages, by 2025 Madeira could reach 5 thousand tons of fish produced in aquaculture.

With the current facilities, the production capacity is around three thousand tons.