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“This is chaos!”, Said a 64-year-old Madeiran who at this time is still in the Central Hospital of Funchal. All because the health unit has only one of two service elevators to operate. “The other one broke down more than a week ago and no one has yet got it,” he said.

“The nurses and the helpers are all desperate because an elevator is not enough to carry so many patients up and down. It’s a disaster. I told one of the nurses that I was going to divulge this situation to Diario Noticias and he still supported and approved it, “said the sexagenarian, outraged by the situation.

Like this user, many people who had to perform tests at the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça were forced to climb to the eighth floor by their own foot.

“I had to climb everything up the stairs. I am 64 years old and many other people are doing the same as me.I’ve been here since 10 am, “he said, before assuming” shame “for the” state of Health that is the end of the World. “

But there is more. In addition to the fact that one of the two service elevators is faulty – the widest of them all – also one that is used by the visits or by the patients – of smaller space – is also not functioning, that is, of the four elevators of the Hospital only two are operational.

“The people down there, after being operated on, are hours and hours waiting to come up. There are rooms full in the operating room, because for patients to come to the rooms is a delay, “lamented the Madeiran, extrapolating a feeling of stress common to” many professionals “of the hospital.