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This year, the Region will have five new surveillance cameras that will cover about 50% of Madeira’s forest area.

The announcement was made this morning by Miguel Albuquerque, in Montado do Paredão, where there is a Forest Fire Detection System.

The President of the Government explained that this is “a pilot project of stopping fires, which operates through infrared, heat or even optics because it has an area of ​​nearly five kilometers.”

Now, as announced, the idea is to move forward with the acquisition of five new surveillance cameras. “The system is reliable and in the last four months it has proven to work well in Madeira,” he said, explaining that “this is just a complement that will serve to improve fire prevention.”

The camera’s will be distributed throughout the Region, in forest areas, and will be placed in zones more known for the ignition of fires. 

The project is funded by the Operational Program Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources (POSEUR) and will amount to 700 thousand euros. An investment that, he argues, will be “well applied”.

The system should be up and running in six to seven months.

So that means they will be ready after the summer, when most fires occur ..