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Maggie Norman a reader of this blog and where the petition has been shared here a couple of times, is the promoter of this petition that adds more than 5,000 signatures to curb the number of abandoned dogs in Madeira.

The purpose of this initiative and creatation of this petition, is to “press” the president of the Regional Government on this issue that, according to the publication, has been harming tourists who visit the Region.

“I decided that it is time to try to get as much support as possible for the poor stray dogs that wander the streets of the island of Madeira. These animals are mistreated and betrayed by their owners who, when they decide to go on vacation, People throw puppies in the mountains or in the trash with no hope of survival, “says Maggie Norman, demanding concrete laws to stop this problem.

The prosecutor of the petition asks the maximum number of people to sign the petition to “stop this very sad situation and bring positive changes to these defenseless animals.”

Although some chambers are facilitating the process of vaccination and legalization of animals, the official says that “there is a need for a national policy of free castration and sterilization implemented when an owner stays with a dog from a kennel or when the owner does not did it, “he says, advocating a licensing system with documentation and ‘micro-chipping’.

At the end of the petition, Maggie Norman points out that “when people visit Madeira they are very sad about what they see, even though it is such a beautiful island.”

The goal now is to reach 7,500 signatures, a goal that will be easily achieved since the undersigned was created yesterday and already adds 5,636 signatures.

Please if you have not yet signed the petition, the link is below.

Access the petition on here.