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One of the most visited tourist attractions on the island  which is visited by tourists and locals every single day. The area has been in a disgusting state for a number of years now, just another example of, let’s make this nice then leave it to rot….

The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) has already launched the tender for the restoration of the “Vereda da Ponta do Garajau”

The works, which will cost about 41 thousand euros, will be sponsored 100%, by the project “Valuation and Conservation of Forest Resources in Macaronesia – VALCONMAC”.

The “vareda” (pathway) starts at the “Cristo Rei Miradouro”, (viewpoint) past the former whales and sperm whales watchtower, to “Ponta do Garajau”, with a total length of approximately 211 meters, being an integral part of one the important historical and geological heritage of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The intervention will include the cleaning and deforestation of the land bordering the pathway, the restoration of the causeway, the construction of steps with basalt slabs, the construction of walls and benches in reconstructed stone, and the creation of pine guard rails.
The works also include the upgrading of the former whale and sperm whale watch tower, and the installation of an information panel and guidance signage.