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Lídia Pedro, 47, taught physics and chemistry at Santana High School. She died this afternoon after falling collecting anonas. She was considered one of the most active people in the community.

“Casa do Povo of Ilha deeply regrets the death of its former chairman, Prof. Lídia Pedro, an enthusiastic and ever-present partner, a friend who will remain forever in our memories .”

This is the comment that the current leadership of casa do povo shared this afternoon, after confirming the death of the former president of the institution following a fall of about 10 meters when she collected anonas. An EMIR team and Santana’s firefighters were on the scene, but to no avail.

Lídia Pedro was a person very considered in the parish of the Island and it was in her mandate as president that the lemon exhibition was launched, event that every year takes hundreds of people to that locality of the county of Santana.

Thoughts are with family and friends after this very tragic news.