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The death of the Atalaia Living Care patient who was missing more than three months ago has been confirmed. The AgoraMadeira knows that the body of a man that was found in the sea in the area of ​​the viewpoint of the Pinnacle, in São Gonçalo, last December 21, was that of Paulo Gouveia.

The results of the DNA tests were known this Monday and the family has already been advised, having already been called to the Judiciary Police, a displacement that will happen during this Tuesday.

In statements to the AgoraMadeira, a relative of Paulo Gouveia does not hide the revolt by the whole situation.

“This case was clearly an accident, as confirmed by the Judiciary. But an accident that is based on the lack of security of Atalaia, which can not guarantee the safety of patients dependent and disoriented, as was the case of Paulo. If you have homes like Bela Vista, Camara de Lobos, and even the Quinceiros, they have security, a gate and people checking the entrances and exits, because they do not have the Atalaia, “he criticized, adding:” Given the location and type of construction (former hotel), security measures should be taken by all who are there, “he concluded.

Paulo Gouveia was 37 years old and had been hospitalised in Atalaia Living Care since 2015 after having suffered a serious car accident that left its after effects to life. He celebrated his 37th birthday the day he disappeared: December 6.

The family thanks all those who have helped to look for Paulo Gouveia in the last three months