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The Madeira Royal Way Association (ACRM) promotes, from Saturday April 13, the third return to the island by the Royal Route 23 lasting eight days.

The initiative, which has been organized by the ACRM during the Easter break, will begin at Porto Moniz and will travel along the coastline over 200 kilometers of the Camino Real 23 counter-clockwise, passing through 10 municipalities and 37 parishes, in a rediscovery of our history, patrimony and culture.

On the social networking site Facebook, ACRM states that “the walkers will record their passage in the network of partners that the ACRM has established throughout the island, using for this purpose the ‘Camden’s Credential’ which constitutes an individual passport where they will be affixed stamps to certify the passage in the different localities “.

More than 100 places of worship will be visited, including the cathedral, churches, chapels, and other places of interest which are in the vicinity of the CR23.

The ACRM adds that those interested should be present daily at the place of departure at the agreed time, not requiring any payment or reservation of seats, and that meals and accommodation will be the responsibility of the hikers.

Check out the program:

Day 1 – 13 / April: Porto Moniz (Church) – Ponta Delgada (Church) 30 km 
Day 2 – 14 / April: Ponta Delgada (Church) – Santana (Church) 20 km 
Day 3 – – Machico (Church) 25 km 
Day 4 – 16 / April: Machico (Church) – Funchal (Sé) 30 km 
Day 5 – 17 April: Funchal (Cathedral) – Ponta do Sol Church 30 km 
Day 6 – April: Ponta do Sol (Church) – Estreito da Calheta (Church) 20 km 
Day 7 – 19 / April: Estreito da Calheta (Church) – Fajã da Ovelha (Chapel) 20 km 
Day 8 – 20 / April: Fajã da Ovelha Chapel) – Porto Moniz (Church) 25 km