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The MPT states that the president of the Camara Municipal Funchal, Paulo Cafôfo is “using his position for self-promotion through news sponsored by CMF on social networks for electoral purposes, which cost thousands of euros to taxpayers.”

“It uses the office hours of the Chamber, to participate in initiatives linked to the Socialist Party,” the party further accused, adding that “it uses photographs in the propaganda posters taken as CMF president in activities related to his job.”

In a statement, the MPT says that “the still president remains clinging to the CMF, with the aim of arriving in duplicate at the home of the Madeirans through the media, appearing now as President, now as PS candidate.”

“All these methods have already been used in the Jardim era and criticised by the Socialist Party, yet they are doing the same or worse than those they want to replace in the Regional Government, but the struggle for power is so blind that one does not look at the means to achieve the ends, “the party accuses.