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There are ten people who are currently in the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça, awaiting the examinations in the Nuclear Medicine unit, which today reopened after being temporarily closed until there was “serenity” to ensure trust in the service, according to the president of the Board of Directors of SESARAM, Tomásia Alves. The unit has reopened, already with doctors contracted for this purpose, but the patients have been waiting for more than three hours to carry out their exams since there is a lack of a drug that should arrive by air and that has not yet arrived due to the constraints verified this morning at Madeira Airport.

Although this is a situation that is not controllable internally, since the operation of air transport suffers some setbacks, with some frequency in Madeira, users complain that they are waiting for a long time and say that the decision could be in the sense of postponing the tests, instead of waiting for the drugs to arrive, even today, so that the tests can be performed.

The airport constraints are also responsible for postponing the hearing to 4 pm by the parliamentary committee for the operation of the SESARAM Nuclear Medicine Unit, João Pedroso de Lima, director of the Intermediate Diagnosis and Therapeutics of the University Hospital Center of Coimbra.

It is recalled that this process related to this unit results from statements of the coordinating physician, Rafael Macedo, first to TVI and later in the parliament, criticizing the operation of that service, in terms of underutilization, favoring private individuals to carry out examinations that, in his opinion, could be done in public. As a result, the SESARAM instituted a disciplinary process and suspended the doctor, and to ensure the service, made a protocol with the Hospitals of the University of Coimbra, which sent two doctors for this purpose.

Translated from Funchal News.