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From bamboo to titanium, to glass, alternatives to plastic straws are increasing. The most recent has a Portuguese signature and can already be bought in Madeira: the straw of edible pasta.

At a time when the European Union wants to put an end to the use of single-use plastic utensils – plates, cutlery, cotton swabs and straw, Luís Barroca Monteiro was able to introduce a more sustainable alternative into the Portuguese market.

The project was born five years ago when the wife of Luís Barroca Monteiro suggested the creation of a substitute product of plastic straws. Currently, the brand is already being marketed for cafes, hotels and restaurants in the Continent.

In Madeira Island, it can be purchased at Portuguese Boutique, through the representative Paulo Nunes. However, there is no solution to pack them. Luís Barroca Monteiro is precisely in China to test a machine for

individual packaging of straws, only available in that country (see photos).

The mentors of this project launched a crowd funding campaign at PPL to support the acquisition of a packaging machine. The goal was to raise 13,000 euros, but the goal was not reached, so acquisition of the equipment has not advanced yet.

In the European Union about 36.4 billion straws are used per year, with a single straw lasting 400 years to degrade. From 2021 onwards, these utensils, swabs and plastic cutlery are now banned.

From JM