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A Boeing 737-8 MAX plane, similar to that of Ethiopian Airlines crashed last Sunday, landed at the Cristiano Ronaldo Airport from Oslo.

The aircraft was to make the return flight to the Norwegian capital, however, the plane was eventually held in Santa Cruz. It could not be ascertained whether this was due to a series of suspensions of flights with this model’s planes in several countries and companies following the recent tragedy of Ethiopian Airlines flight, which killed 157 people. Flight DY1717, returning to Oslo, has since been canceled.

According to Sic News, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Ireland temporarily suspended flights with the Boeing 737 MAX in the airspace.

The countries say that the existence of two accidents in less than five months is enough to motivate the suspension of the operations of flight until the investigations are completed.

It is recalled that there are already 27 airlines that stopped making trips with the model of the North American construction company.