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It is yet another episode of conflict caused by the use of unmanned aircraft in Madeira. A drone flying over the backyard of a house in the highlands of Gaula, Santa Cruz County, was shot dead by a resident, a officer of the Public Security Police (PSP).

The case motivated the exchange of accusations and was in the process of ‘flying’ to the services of the Public Prosecution Service of Madeira.

The late afternoon of the first day of March ended in a troubled way in the quiet town of Águas Mansas, high above the parish of Gaula and near the forest perimeter. The controversy began when an officer used an unmanned aircraft to collect images of a plot of land for a job for a real estate company.

By chance, the drone flew over the backyard of a PSP agent’s home just as the resident enjoyed a swim in the pool completely naked. At first he was bewildered by the buzzing of something that resembled a swarm of bees, but then he realized that it was a drone, with a built-in camera, that flew over the backyard of the house.