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The PSD took to the Madeiran plenary a proposal that aims to classify the farmers’ market as a monument of public interest.

In defense of the document, Congresswoman Rubina Leal recalled being “the most visited building in Madeira” reminding that “the collective memory of a city is also its buildings”. The PSD deputy remembers that there are “55 buildings classified of public interest” and that it makes sense that the Farmers’ Market is also, after leaving implicit criticisms to the management that the current cabinet executive in that building: “there have never been as many empty spaces as now”. In the interpellations, Lopes da Fonseca and Ricardo Lume, from CDS and PCP, have already made Rubina Leal feel that while she was in the Câmara do Funchal she would not have remembered this classification. Sofia Canha (PS) says she agrees with the classification but does not understand why “this sudden interest in the farmers market …”