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The Health Center of São Vicente has been since February 12 without hot water due to a failure in the boiler. This failure results in an increase in difficulties for professionals, who have to heat the water in pots and kettles. Doctors, aides, and nurses are now doing what is possible and impossible to provide the necessary care to patients.

According to Rui Barreto, who has been asked to help solve the problem, the boiler has been showing signs of problems since December, “but nothing has been done.” However, Diario Noticias knows that these problems in the boiler drag on after six months, without SESARAM having rectified or solved the problem.

“The problem with the boiler seriously complicates the recovery of users, as continued care is provided to people who need interventions in the area of ​​health and social support. Patients with high vulnerability, who need to improve their autonomy and functionalities. This regrettable situation proves that there has been disinvestment in Health, denotes that for this Regional Government Health has not been a priority. The CDS is strange that there is always money everywhere, for works, and you do not want to believe that there is no money to repair a boiler, “says Rui Barreto.