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The Municipality of Funchal (CMF) will start operating in April, the innovative technological solution on the Monumental Road, which combines pedestrian and road safety with energy efficiency. Zebra walkways with intelligent lighting, which connect at night when they detect the approach of pedestrians, allowing a timely and remote response to drivers, on one of the busiest roads in the Region, frequented by both tourists and Madeirans. A crucial link between the hotel and housing area in the city center.

The system is based on Omniled technology, developed by Siemens Mobility, in partnership with Omniflow, a solution consisting of the generation and storage of energy from renewable sources – solar and wind -, which later power is intended to be used for residential, commercial, telecommunications and lighting purposes, such as the Estrada Monumental.

The system adopted by CMF will, however, integrate several other modules, such as video capture, energy performance optimizer and Wi-Fi network. In the future, a number of other components, such as automobile traffic counters and chargers for electric vehicles, among others.