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The nine baby dogs that were found inside a chest in Santa Cruz were not the only ones left to their fate. Earlier this morning, seven other small dogs were also abandoned at SPAD’s door, in a cardboard box.

In its Facebook page, the institution recalled that “there is an urgent need for accountability, the co-responsibility of each tutor is urgent,” and urged citizens to sterilize their animals because “this is everyone’s problem.”

Begs the question again, as to why these charities don’t get together and stand up against the government to implement fines, and control of the animals on the island, if people are bringing pets to the vets and they are not chipped they should pay a fine or double the price, and be made to pay on the spot. It shouldn’t be to difficult to get on top of this problem on a small island  if laws stand and are monitored.

I have spoken to SPAD this morning about charity boxes like pictured below which Robin one of my blog readers sent in.  Spad say the problem with this is getting permission, so it seems this is one of the problems why nothing changes. I will be meeting up with SPAD next month to see if we can sort out some of these problems.