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It is a bad tourist sign of the city.

There are plans to move the Wastewater Treatment Plant ( WWTP ) to another location, but when???

While this does not happen the degradation is visible and the WWTP of Almirante Reis, in the middle of the Old Town, even serves as a resting place for drug addicts.

The building of the WWTP of Funchal is in poor condition, lack of maintenance and care is visible.

Anyone who enjoys a stroll along the seaside faces the scenery: Paint peeling, plaster of the building falling, and iron showing through and drains broken and dangerous to trip. This is right next to one of the best hotels in town and one of the largest tourist attractions, the Cable Car

The area is frequented by drug addicts who use the covered space of the building to stay overnight and to maintain their addiction, even in the light of day.

These and others, namely homeless, use the space as their public toilet, leaving the nauseating smell of faeces and urine in the surrounding area.  Taken from FN