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This year the collection of caps allowed the delivery of nine wheelchairs to the Portuguese Association of People with Special Needs – Association Without Limits in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Disabled People – Delegation of the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Through a communiqué the association informs that it promotes today the packing of caps under the campaign ‘Give a lid to Indifference’.

“This is a large number of caps that we receive as a donation from Empresa Madeira Card. In this initiative and due to the large quantity we have the support of the Firefighters Sapadores of Funchal, in particular with the new recruits who recently made the Oath “, informs the association.

The association adds that it has also had the support of the company ‘Multimade’ which has given out an open box vehicle to transport the covers that were accumulated at the headquarters and ‘with the support of other friends and volunteers who, in their personal capacity, “.

The APD praises the success of the ‘Give a Cover to Indifference’ campaign that this year has already allowed two containers to be sent, with a third to be prepared. “This effort is then translated into support through the donation of orthopedic material that this year already has 9 manual wheelchair deliveries, one of which is specific,” he concludes.