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Hundreds of Madeirans and tourists, congregate this afternoon in the downtown Funchal to watch the procession, but due to bad weather, which forced the cancellation of the event, the afternoon plans had to be altered. There were many words of displeasure. The truth is that in the low city the weather is sunny and the temperature is pleasant, which increased the discontent.

“The Madeirans always shone [at Carnival], rain or shine, snow or hail, and we were prepared to parade.” The protest statement belongs to Hugo Castro Andrade, president of the OLHO-te Association. The institution had everything prepared to take a troupe to the traditional bumbling procession this afternoon, which was cancelled in the meantime, according to forecasts that point to the great instability of the weather, with the possibility of showers, but above all, with a strong wind. Photo DN

The strong rain has now arrived over much of the island and the wind has been blowing strong all afternoon, with many flights now cancelled or diverted to Porto Santo. The visibility will only decrease with the expected bad weather for the rest of the evening.