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Tuesday April 23rd Porto da Cruz

This tour will take us to Porto da Cruz, where the Rum factory will be in full swing, crushing the sugar cane to make the rum for my Ponchas….

The factory is the only factory in Europe that still uses steam power to run some of the machines, and its pretty impressive to see it all working.

Will will also visit some view points on the way there and back and also a poncha stop or two… Lunch we can get in Porto da Cruz, and also walk round the coastline .

If interested in this tour the price is €17.50 for the day, please email with the subject Porto da Cruz



Tuesday 7th May Pico das Pedras and Ilha Santana

This tour will take us to Santana where we will visit Pico das Pedras and the small village of Ilha where they hold the Lemon Festival each year.

We will have lunch in Santana which is included in the price of this tour with a drink and garlic bread.

We will also stop at some view points and the usual Poncha stops to refuel.

The price of this tour including lunch is €28.00 please email to let me know you are interested with the subject Ilha Santana.


Wednesday 15th May Museum Teixeira Faial

This tour was very popular last year. We will visit the Teixeira Family museum in Faial, a truly stunning place with a lot of history from one of the largest families from this area who went to make money in Venezuela.

We will stop at several view points, see one of the oldest bridges on the island, and a couple of poncha stops.

We will have lunch on the beach front of Faial, very popular for the traditional dish from Porto Francesinha bread with a number of fillings covered in a special sauce and chips. They also serve other meals, very reasonable prices.

This tour is €17.50, if interested please let me know, email me with the subject Faial.


For any of these tours please email me at [email protected] with the subject of the tour. Places of pick-up will be at Cable car Funchal and Cristo Rei Garajau between 9.30 and 10 am depending what direction we go in.

More details will be sent once I have enough people for each tour. 

Look forward to seeing you all and meeting new people.