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SESARAM confirms postponement of examinations in Nuclear Medicine and reveals that “the doctor missed the last two days”

It seems only the patients are suffering as this case continues, and the fight against SESARAM and Rafael Macedo continues.

The president of the Board of the Regional Health Service (SESARAM) confirmed today at a press conference that the examinations were postponed at the Nuclear Medicine Unit for cancer patients, as had already been advanced by the coordinator himself, doctor Rafael Macedo , this morning on his personal Facebook page. Tomásia Alves reiterated his confidence in the clinical staff, in light of the criticism given yesterday by Rafael Macedo.

Tomásia Alves revealed that this decision to suspend the examinations resulted from the fact that the doctor Rafael Macedo “did not appear in the service in the last two days, leaving the patients with no possibility to make the respective examinations, which were already marked. As such, it was decided to suspend the examinations today, as a safeguard for the users themselves, and they will be resumed soon.

Yesterday, in the Regional Assembly, in the ambit of the commission of inquiry into the operation of that unit, as a result of statements from the coordinating physician of the unit itself, in a report from TVI, about the subtraction of this and the referral of exams to the private, the clinician reaffirmed everything which he had said before, but has now been “harsh” to some doctors, pointing out negligence and criticizing the stance of boards of directors.

Also this morning, the doctor put a “post” on his page saying that SESARAM would be proceeding with the change of locks in the Unit of Nuclear Medicine.