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Next Tuesday, the 26th will begin the transition phase of the project ‘Requalification of the surroundings of Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia’, informed the Municipality of Funchal.

It will last 15 days and was introduced between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of works, in order to allow the rapid implementation of the new water, sewage and rainwater networks at the junction between Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia and Rua da Penha de França, reason why it will be prolonged the interruption road until the Beco Imperatriz D. Amélia, maintaining the pedestrian access.

The access to Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia, will be maintained through Av. Do Infante, turning right into the Empress Becca D. Amélia, with Rua Princesa D. Amélia and Rua da Penha de França, two ways to allow access to garages and residences.

After the completion of this phase, Phase 2 will begin, where the intervention will be carried out between Rua da Penha de França and Rua Princesa D. Amélia, resuming road traffic in Rua Imperatriz D. Amélia, between Largo António Nobre and Rua da Penha de França.

Due to the constraints foreseen, the Municipality of Funchal requests that the circulation in the affected streets be avoided, using as an alternative the Pontinha Tunnel and Avenida do Infante.

Drivers are asked to have a better understanding and regular collaboration in complying with temporary signage on the spot.

For better understanding, the alternative circulation for the Transition Phase and Phase 2 is illustrated below.