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There are still 16 of those injured in the bus crash on Wednesday evening in hospital  this includes the driver and the guide. All have no danger to life.

The 29 people that lost their lives, 18 women and 11 men, all were German nationality.

We know the driver tried to stop the bus by driving it along the wall of properties, and that the problem started as soon as the bus left the hotel. Brakes or accelerator look as though they could be the main cause of the bus loosing control., the bus only travelled a matter of 150 meters before turning over.

We also know that most passengers wouldn’t have had seat belts on, and only 5 were found in the bus, the rest had been thrown from the bus as it crashed.

A medical plane from Germany arrived in Madeira yesterday, this might be as part of insurance that people had, to get them back for medical care in Germany.