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The three ships that were in the Port of Funchal yesterday , “AIDAnova”, “Midnatsol” and “Marella Dream”, represent a total of 7710 passengers and 2144 crew.

The AIDAnova makes the last stop of the season, according to information from the Port of Funchal, which on the social network Facebook page illustrates with images from Sérgio Ferreira, including the leading photo,  from the Madeira Enthusiast Ship Club. “The ship arrived Sunday afternoon with 6001 passengers and 1,418 crew members, coming from Las Palmas and left last night at 11:00 pm, to Tenerife. It’s the last stop of this season, and it’s only back on November 11th. “

The same information shows that the “Midnatsol” arrived in the morning from Porto Santo, with 106 passengers and 103 crew. Departed last nught at 10:00 pm., also for Tenerife. The “Marella Dream”, a regular on Mondays in the Port of Funchal, came from Tenerife and on board, it has 1603 passengers and 623 crew. at 20:00, sailed to the island of Lanzarote.