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The case is affecting many Madeirans and already has hundreds of shares on Facebook. The Association Help Feeding Dogs (Ajuda a Alimentar Cães) was yesterday to rescue starving animals but ended up also finding a family hungry, with only bread, a pint of milk and a yogurt to eat.

Mother, and son 10 years old, had the refrigerator almost empty, as the photograph illustrates.

The person responsible for the Food Aid Dogs said that the Association is already able to get food for the dogs, but asks the population not to be indifferent to this case and help this family with hygiene and food products to have a better quality of life.

Food and products can be delivered to AuQmia ClinicaVet or to the person responsible for the Feeding of Dogs in Boa Nova.

“We want to make the Easter of this family more comfortable and with your support, it will be possible. Thank you very much, for now, for any help, “he appealed.