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A baby monk seal was seen on the coast, during the afternoon of this Wednesday, around 16 hours, in the sand of Porto Santo, more precisely on the beach of Calheta.

According to the Diario Noticias correspondent, in Porto Santo, the marine mammal was found by a resident who participated in the case, later, to the Maritime Police. Meanwhile, two Nature Watchers are already on site and are watching over the small animal.

The baby seal has no wounds, and may simply be resting, although there is also the possibility of being sick. Still, the group are waiting for a reaction from the animal in the next few hours.

According to the information gathered, the tide will rise again in the next few minutes and it may be that the little sea lion returns to the ocean.

The baby seal, only six months old, was for a few hours on the beach and coastal waters of Porto Santo, and was accompanied by experts from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation while resting.