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“It looks like they’re waiting for it to happen like in Calheta,” says a motorist who frequently passes this road between Cabouco and the Faial Tea House.

For years it has been frequent the fall of stones of different dimensions in the cliffs overlooking the road in the upper part of the parish of Faial. The same happens in relation to the section of the other side of the mountain, already in the parish of São Roque do Faial. And this week it happened again, this time with a large stone that broke with the clash in the ground, as is visible in the photograph.

According to residents and motorists who often use that road, luck has protected those who circulate there. But it is not known until when.

“It seems like they are waiting for it to happen like in Calheta,” a motorist told Jornal Madeira, who practically uses the road every day, referring to the incident that killed a young woman in a restaurant under the Calheta escarpment.

In this case, we guarantee the same source, the fall of debris is quite frequent. He even says that almost every week, sometimes on a continuous day and sometimes more than once a day, small debris appears on the road. In most cases they are small rocks, but can cause serious damage if they hit a car.

The motorist in question refers mainly to the section of a few hundred meters between the Cruzinhas and Lombo de Cima, but remember that on the other side, between the Cabouco and Fajã do Cedro Gordo sites, the same happens also with great frequency. And he fears for his own life, since he regularly passes this road.