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Câmara de Lobos City Council promotes an adoption campaign every Tuesday between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m which involves more than 100 animals that were collected on the streets of the municipality. The campaign is being launched at the premises of the Society for the Protection of Domestic Animals.

Cats and dogs of various ages are available for adoption.

Ana Teles, responsible for the Environment Department at Câmara de Lobos City Hall, informed JM that the abandonment of animals in the high areas of the municipality has been high and it is up to the municipality to find a solution for them. “Which is not always easy,” he added.

Sterilisation campaigns are organised for this purpose, however this is a resource whose results are only found in the long term. Nevertheless, without divulging details, he informed that the Camara is considering other strategies to solve the problem. So far, the number of animals that were adopted today has not been disclosed during this campaign.

I visited Spad the other day, and they have more than 300 dogs looking for homes, they are also going to be launching a fund page as they need a new monitor for the clinic there. They have no help from the government, and the clinic helps fund the abandoned animals, they also have cats which are usually more easy to find homes for. Volunteers for dog walking are also needed, the dogs are so happy to get out of their cages and have a walk. 

I will be adding more information about this once they have the fund page live. Claudia and 3 other ladies run the clinic, and are also looking into the possibility of getting charity boxes in certain places on the island.