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It is an unusual situation that resulted in the late closure of Santa Cruz Boutique Hotel, located on Rua da Praia and inaugurated in April 2017. Two years later, it closes the doors for “remodeling works” as you can read in the information that is affixed in the building. On the internet, we can still see references to the hotel unit with 23 rooms spread over five floors. Only from the future, little or nothing is known.


The City Council of Santa Cruz is “concerned” with the situation, the conmunication office said that the “Authority” was informed by the owner, through a message, that the unit would close for 30 days, with the argument of realization of works in the bathrooms and reception, works that, in this context, do not require other formalities other than communication “. Therefore, the Chamber’s room for maneuver is reduced in this area, since in its area of ​​competence is the licensing of the building, which was in full condition at the time of inauguration.

Doubts begin to emerge precisely because of the fact that only two years have passed and there is a need for works of that nature, but anomalies that lead to this situation can occur. The Chamber waits for the time taken by the owner, which is known to be of Ukrainian origin, to clarify all the contours of this intervention, and for the time being, there is a lack of details on the intervention to be affected.

The Regional Directorate of Tourism, who licenses the activity, did not comment on the event, but in the face of the closure of the hotel “it is making every effort to obtain more details about the situation”, stating that “until the today, April 11, there was only one tourist contact with a reservation for a later period, who would not have been able to contact the hotel responsible. ” The DRT did not clarify whether or not it was informed of the closure and what type of steps are being taken.

Straight translation from Funchal News.