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Praia Formosa, in Funchal, was presented with the presence of several ‘Caravelas Portuguesas’, commonly known as (águas vivas) 

This morning several organisms were visible that can cause burns in the bathers who decide to go to the sea. 

Also a year ago, several beaches of the Region already registered the appearance of these type of jelly fish

One of my blog readers also spotted them at Reis Magos in Caniço de Baixo last week.

Avoid contact with the Portuguese caravels since, even out of water, they continue to be capable of generating burns.

What to do if you come in contact with a ‘caravela portuguesa’:

– Do not rub or scratch the affected area so as not to spread the poison;

– Do not use fresh water, alcohol or ammonia;

– Do not place bandages;

– Wash carefully with the sea water itself;

– Carefully remove the tentacles of living water (if they have been clinging to the skin) using gloves, a plastic tweezers and saline or sea water;

– Apply vinegar in the affected area;

– Apply hot bands or hot water to relieve pain;

– Seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Photos Paulo Correia