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Firefighters from the Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol corporation, supported by the Forest Police, are in the process of searching for two tourists who are reported as lost in one of the Encumeada levadas, a corporation source said.

“We only know that it is a couple of foreigners and that they are lost in the mouth of Encumeada,” said the same source. The alert would have gone out early eveing around 5pm

He also said that the search is based on the GPS coordinates of the mobile phones, “not having more information”.

Involved in this operation are four members of the fire company in the west of the island of Madeira.

The pedestrian routes, called “levadas”, are one of the tourist attractions of the island.

This levada has an extension of 12.5 kilometers, it crosses part of the mountain massif central of the island, being considered a course that “demands some physical preparation and resistance, because there are many ascents and descents, because it is a mountain walk”.

In an update on this story  the tourists have still not been found, at 11pm

It is shrouded in mystery the disappearance of the couple of tourists that this evening were lost in the Levada of Encumeada.

With the Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol Mixed Fire Brigade on the ground, since the 17 hours, joined by the Forest Police, the couple has not yet been found.

The rescue teams have already covered the levada, having even passed the point where the GPS signal of the mobile phones was last captured, and there are no traces of their presence for the time being.

As the Diario had reported firsthand, the relief teams were about to cross the levada until they found the two tourists in order to get them off the trail, which has not happened so far. With the fall of the night, the task of localization became even more arduous.