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The price of gasoline charged in Madeira continues to increase and from 0 am on Monday, April 8, it will increase again from 1,449 to 1,467 euros per liter. It is the 11th consecutive week in which there is an increase in the price of gasoline in the Region.

The government order that stipulates the maximum values ​​of sales of fuels in the Region, published this Friday in the Official Gazette, has lowered the prices of gas oils, although this decrease is not accentuated.

The prices practiced from next Monday:

Super unleaded petrol IO 95 …….. € 1,467 per liter (Until this Sunday, April 7: € 1,449 per liter)

Diesel by road ……………….. € 1,280 per liter (Until this Sunday, April 7: € 1,284 per liter)

Colored diesel and marked ………. € 0,809 per liter Until this Sunday, April 7: € 0.812 per liter)