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A German couple who travelled on the bus remembered the maneuvers advised in the planes for the emergency landings, and that the two adopted yesterday when they realised that the bus was out of control and that a possible crash was going to happen. The man and the woman escaped with life from the accident in the Caniço de Baixo and with few injuries, she suffered pains in the neck and he with a broken rib. A mechanical breakdown should be at the origin of the accident, said the man, reporting that a few seconds after leaving the bus began to move faster and faster and even after hitting the wall did not stop, eventually leaving the road. “I think the brakes did not work,” he told TVI and SIC. “I can not imagine any other reason.” “On the plane they tell us how to do it, like babies, and that was our luck,” said the woman.

The two were referred to Hospital where they received medical care. Nothing compared to the others, said the tourist. “It’s not important. We are alive and together. Many people have lost their husband or their wife.